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Saman Seyedi (Yasin)






Key Achivements:




Crime Accused:

Enmity against God

Sponsor Name:

Carlos Kasper (Germany)
Lawen Redar (Sweden)
Teanau Tuiono (New Zealand)
Michael Cooper (Canada)

Kurdish rapper, songwriter, and composer from Iran, was sentenced to death just a few weeks after his arrest on October 2nd. Authorities relied on torture-tainted “confessions” to find him guilty of shooting a pistol three times into the air in protests which they said amounts to “enmity against God.” Yasin was subjected to torture and other ill-treatment to extract forced “confessions,” including severe beatings and exposure to extreme cold. He was transferred to solitary confinement for immediate execution. His life is in imminent danger. Update: On Dec 24, Iran Supreme Court temporarily canceled the death sentence for #SamanYasin, due to some “ambiguities in the investigation.” On Dec 21, there was news that #SamanYasin tried to kill himself in prison. The suicide attempt was coursed by the inhuman prison conditions! He even didn’t have access to his medicines! (as per Stop Executions source)
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