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Toomaj Salehi






Political activist


Key Achivements:




Crime Accused:

Enmity against God;

Sponsor Name:

Ye-One Rhie (Germany)
Marcel Hopp (Germany)
Chlöe Swarbrick (New Zealand)
Helmut Brandstätter (Austria)
Laurent Lafon (France Senate)
Nathalie Goulet (France Senate)

Indicted by Isfahan Revolutionary court; his lawyers were granted access to his case on 29 Dec 2022 Charged with “Muharebe,” which means “Waging war against God,” is under torture and in danger of execution by the Islamic Republic regime. His fearless songs and courage to stay on the street and support his people fighting for their fundamental rights made him the voice of #IranRevolution. According to reports, on his 36th day in prison, Toomaj was left with a broken hand & severe neck injury caused by beatings and torture. No measure has been taken to take care of him. To obtain a forced confession, he’s been subjected to brutal physical and mental torture. (as per Stop Executions source) Crimes Accuesed: forming and running an illegal group in order to distrupt national security; collaborting with hostile state and inciting and encouraging others to commit violent acts
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