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Ahmad (Unknown)





Stadd of Terrace Restaurant

Key Achivements:



Crime Accused:

Enmity against God



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Corruption on Earth (Terrace Restaurant Case) On October 16, the government media released a few-second video claimed that on October 16, 191, "people who were under the influence of a network of opponents in the Lavasanath area tried to throw two Molotov cocktails into the mosque premises" were arrested. Ali Sabahi, the head of the Tehran Police Information Center, also announced: "11 arrested people included 4 Iranians and 4 nationals of neighboring countries". On October 16, the government media claimed with a release of a film that on October 16, 20 people threw Molotov cocktail towards the Fatima Mosque of Najarkala in Lavasan. On October 16, some of the workers of the Terrace restaurant in Lavasan were arrested by security officers. They were people that worked and lived in the restaurant. Since that day, the Terrace restaurant has been plumbed and 300 workers have been unemployed and the owner of the restaurant has been summoned for questioning several times. Of the 11 workers, five have been charged with "fighting". Four of these people named Ali Jahangiri, 25 years old, head chef, Mehdi Shirani, 26 years old and chef, Sina Mohammad Rezaei, 27 years old, chef and the fourth person named Ahmad, whose last name is unknown, are now improsined in Evin dam and facing charges of Enmity against God. The fifth person is an Afghan national named "fighter power" who was transferred to Ghazal Hesar prison, he was washing dishes in a restaurant.
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