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The Iranian Government forces in Piranshahr city kidnapped two disabled brothers named Abdullah Qanbariwand and Mahmoud Qanbariwand, Ahmed Abdullahpour and his son Shahu Abdullahpour, as well as two other citizens named Taha Rasoulian and Sina Dashmir. According to the report received by the Hengaw Organization for human rights, the Iranian government forces kidnapped two physically disabled brothers, Abdullah Qanbariwand, 49 years old, and Mahmoud Qanbariwand, 46 years old, in the morning of Wednesday, January 18, 2023. According to informed sources, during the raid on the homes of these two citizens in the Balashahr neighborhood of Piranshahr, 25 government forces participated and while creating intimidation, they also seized the mobile phones of the family members. At the same time, a father and son from Piranshahr, named Ahmad Abdullahpour and Shahu Abdullahpour, were abducted by the Iranian government forces from their home and taken to an unknown location. It should be mentioned that Ahmad Abdullahpour was arrested by government forces last year. In another case, Taha Rasoulian, a civil activist and artist from Piranshahr, was kidnapped by the Iranian government forces in the shop of one of his friends. After the transfer of Mr. Rasoulian, these forces stormed his house and confiscated the mobile phones of the family members. Also, Sina Dashmir, 19 years old and from Piranshahr, was abducted at home by the Iranian government's armed forces. According to informed sources, around 50 of these forces broke the door and windows during the raid on Sina Dashmir's house around the morning of Wednesday and created an atmosphere of intimidation in his family's house. So far, no detailed information has been made available about the health status of these citizens after their abduction by the Iranian government forces, as well as the location and conditions of their detention.
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