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Zakaria Taqoub






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Since the past few days (17 Jan), the Iranian government forces have arrested at least eight Kurdish citizens from Bukan city: Hassan Fathi Khazralki, Masoud Darsanj, Tawfiq Rasouli, Ali Golmohammadi, Vali Golmohammadi, Saman Mangur, Mohammad Faraji, and Zakaria Taqoub. According to the report received by the Hengaw Organization for Human Rights, the Iranian government forces arrested Hasan Fathi Khazralki, the Friday preacher of the "Qazlian" village of Bukan, on January 15, 2023. At the same time, these forces arrested Masoud Darsanj and Tawfiq Rasouli, residents of Bukan, and confiscated their mobile phones and laptops. This practice of the Iranian government forces continued on Sunday with the arrest of Ali Golmohammadi, Vali Golmohammadi, and Saman Mangur, three other citizens from Bukan. Also, on Saturday, January 15, 2023, Mohammad Faraji, 20 years old and a resident of Ali Abad, Bukan, was arrested by the Iranian security forces and taken to an unknown location. In the evening of the same day, another citizen from Bukan with the identity of Zakaria Taqoub was kidnapped by these forces. All these citizens have been transferred to unknown locations after being arrested and kidnapped, and detailed information about the charges and conditions of their detention has not been made available yet.
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